April 11, 2021

2 min exercise for a mental health BOOST!

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A common theme for my coaching clients since lockdown has been that old insecurities seem to be raising their ugly heads….perhaps it’s the fact that we have more time for self-reflection rather than being able to distract ourselves with our busy social lives!

So I’d like to share this effective, 2-min technique to help you let go of any self-critical thoughts making you feel insecure and that you’re not good enough. Instead it will make you feel GOOD. And we all need that right now, don’t we? !! 💜

It’s really simple and quick. No brain strain needed. 

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that during these strange times it’s even more important than usual to nurture our emotional and mental wellbeing.

Anyone who has experienced depression or anxiety before may be more susceptible to feeeling this way again but also you’ll more likely be able to spot the signs when you’re dipping. Please everyone be aware of how you’re feeling.💜

But even for those who are managing and adapting well to the CV situation, it’s still important to focus on your emotional wellbeing because prevention is just so much better than cure when it comes to mental health. 

For me, having lived with clinical depression and anxiety in the past , I now take seriously the responsibility of looking after my wellbeing. I’d urge you to do the same! 💜

One important element of staying well is to FOCUS ON WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY and do more of it! 


What feeds your soul ? What makes your heart sing ? Who lifts your spirits ? What brings you peace of mind.💜

Is it noticing the birds singing and really savouring the sound ?

Feeling the sun on your back?

Reading a few lines of your favourite inspirational book and letting each word sink into your mind and body?

Noticing the beauty of nature as if for the first time as you go on your daily walk ?

The 3 Prouds, Forgives and Commits 2-min exercise

The technique is called 3 “prouds”, 3 “forgives” and 3 “commits”.

Here’s how it works:

At the end of the day, take a moment to reflect upon :

💜3 things which you’re proud of that day

( can be the tiniest of things !)

💜3 things you forgive yourself for

( can be things from the day or things from the past which still play on your mind)

💜3 things you commit to doing to be kind to yourself the next day

( again these can be seemingly small things)


So to help you get started, I’ll give you an example of mine from yesterday:

💜 3 prouds:

  • making the time to do a meditation
  • editing the homepage of my heart-centred leaders website
  • making a healthy, tasty ratatouille

💜3 forgives:

  • shouting at Ella and not being as patient as I would have liked to have been
  • being less focussed with my work than I’d intended to be
  • spending too much time on social media !

💜3 commits:

Tomorrow I commit to doing-

  • Joe Wickes 30 mins morning workout
  • indulging in a relaxing bubble bath
  • having a lie down when my body tells me I need it !

See … it’s simple once you give it a go.

So now it’s your turn. Please share your 3’s with the group because in doing so, you may inspire someone else to do the same.

In the meantime, do take care and enjoy doing more things which bring you joy this Easter weekend!

PS: if you’d like to explore how leadership coaching with me will increase the joy and reduce the stress in your life, I’d be delighted to book a no-strings-attached exploration call with you. Just drop me an email at fran@heartcentredleaders.com

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