Haseeb Nawaaz – Wycombe Youth Action

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Video testimonials form Haseeb Nawaaz   Haseeb is a Assistant Manager of Wycombe Youth Action. He has participated in Heart Centred Leaders Courageous Leadership Course.   “What’s really nice about this course is that you have like-minded people in similar roles who are sharing their experiences so that’s quite empowering and at the same, it’s […]

2 min exercise for a mental health BOOST!

A common theme for my coaching clients since lockdown has been that old insecurities seem to be raising their ugly heads….perhaps it’s the fact that we have more time for self-reflection rather than being able to distract ourselves with our busy social lives! So I’d like to share this effective, 2-min technique to help you […]

How to support your staff through a crisis

At this time supporting your staff might rank as your number 1 priority. But as a manager or CEO, it might not be your number 1 skill. With COVID19 chaos reaching its peak many employers have been finding that the emotional support needs of their staff are becoming more apparent and needing more of their […]

Is ignorance really a useful skill for a leader?

I’m very EXCITED today because I’ve found a highly skilled and experienced  NEW MARKETING VOLUNTEER to welcome on board the Youth Concern team! I am certain she will support us to achieve our strategic and operational goals for the coming year. Whilst sharing her professional experiences and approaches with me in her interview this morning in […]