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​Slowly the tide is turning and businesses are realizing that they have to consider a new approach if they are to engage, inspire and motivate their employees and retain their customers.

Heart-Centred leadership offers us this alternative route. So let's explore together with the aim of nurturing and developing ourselves, our colleagues, associates, friends and families.

  • Develop your strengths leading to improved confidence, presence & impact
  • Develop healthy relationships with yourself and your teams
  • Improve team morale & cohesion leading to better retention, attendance, performance, reputation
  • Feel less stressed & overwhelmed with improved wellbeing & job satisfaction/fulfilment
  • Learn to lead with a higher vision in mind
  • Speak up –handling difficult conversations, better negotiation & self-advocacy skills

Meet Fran Borg-Wheeler, CEO, #1 Best-Selling author and mum

I help individuals, leaders and teams to become more confident, more fulfilled and more impactful by following heart-centred leadership principles.

My vision is a world where deep care and compassion empower people to overcome suffering. A community in which we all have the resources to create personal happiness.

I believe that the world is crying out for heart-centred leaders….now, more than ever before in the course of history….changemakers who can listen and act from their hearts for the benefit of themselves and others. Heart-centred leaders EE Because together we really can heal the appearances of division, fear and disaffection around the world to create a future for the next generation which is collaborative, peaceful, creative and joyful.

I am the CEO of Youth Concern for the past 13 years, a coach, consultant and trainer, ambassador of Women of Contribution and International best- selling author of Women of Contribution, Notes to My Younger Self, Series 2.

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