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Director of Heart-Centred Leaders, former Charity CEO,
Leadership Coach,
Charity Consultant & Trainer

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My Story

Having had the opportunity in my teenas to volunteer on camps for "underpriviledged" kids and later at Crisis at Christmas, I realised I wanted to work with vulnerable people who needed a bit of a leg up.

So, even though I had gained a Law degree with a view to becoming a barrister, I changed direction and worked for charities instead, supporting clients with a range of issues including mental health, offending behaviour, learning difficulties and homelessness.

Then 15 years ago I landed my dream job, running a small charity called Youth Concern.

I held the priviledged position of developing and leading a committed team; securing all the funding and deveolppng a range of lifeline services for more than 500 vulnerable young people a year. But it took me a long time to learn the basics of running a charity and even longer to become a confident leader..

As a charity leader, it was very difficult to access the support I needed to become more effective and impactful. Due to overwork and overwhelm, I experienced three stress-related health scares, forcing me to focus on learning how to take really good care of myself as a leader. Fifteen years on, I now love to support other purpose-driven, ambitious leaders to feel more confident in their own abilities; overcome challenges more easily; speed up the learning process and be more impactful, enabling them to feel more fulfilled and less stressed in the process!

That’s why I created Heart-Centred Leaders and I am here to support YOU on your leadership journey to become more impactful whilst thriving!

I gently guide leaders along the path to become more heart-centred and to inspire other leaders to do the same.

Work With Me


I will be starting my 12- week “Boost your Impact via Courageous Leadership” course in September 2022. Click below to find out more and see what previous delegates have said.


Master your ambitious goals more easily. Feel more confident, fulfilled and impactful through my one- to-one leadership coaching. Make time to commit to your professional development today!


Join me for my virtual or live team workshops on a variety of impact and wellbeing topics. You’ll leave the sessions feeling inspired and better equipped with practical tools to increase your productivity and outcomes.


Access the tailored support you need to succeed as a charity or social enterprise. I’ll draw upon my extensive experience of running a charity to design a package of support to deliver maximum value whatever your budget.

Professional Background

We all want to develop and grow.

But many of us have only been shown how to focus on the brain and thinking. At Heart-Centred Leaders we combine this with learning to listen to our hearts and intuition, so you can grow in emotional intelligence, focus on our values and show compassion towards ourselves and others, leading to improved results.

In today’s world its all too easy to fall into the trap of relying on traditional leadership skills such as logic, strategic planning, processes and systems. But in doing so, we’re missing out on a key piece of the jigsaw which makes an inspiring, dynamic, and transformative leader.

More than ever before, the world is now crying out for leaders who can also listen to their hearts and their intuition. Heart-centred leadership enables us to lead with a higher vision as our compass, putting values and authenticity at the heart of the leadership approach and developing healthier relationships with ourselves and our teams.

Are you ready?

Are you Ready to Adopt a More Heart-Centred Approach?

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Learn to listen to your intuition & prioritize your own needs.
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Life Experience


I help individuals, leaders and teams to become more confident, more fulfilled and more impactful by following heart-centred leadership principles.

My vision is a world where deep care and compassion empower people to overcome suffering. A community in which we all have the resources to create personal happiness.

I believe that the world is crying out for heart-centred leaders….now, more than ever before in the course of history….changemakers who can listen and act from their hearts for the benefit of themselves and others. Because together we really can heal the appearances of division, fear and disaffection around the world to create a future for the next generation which is collaborative, peaceful, creative and joyful.

I have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Charity Sector, with 30 years of varied roles within mental health, homelessness, learning difficulties, probation and young people. Most recently our founder Fran Borg-Wheeler was privileged to have been CEO of Youth Concern for 13 years. She is a skilled coach and has been offering leadership coaching and consultancy for charity senior executives over the past two years.