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12 weeks to Courageous Leadership

Working in the Third Sector, you will know that making a positive difference doesn’t come without its challenges. If you’re a senior manager of a charity or social enterprise then our team of experts can help.

At Heart-Centred Leaders, our consultancy support is a flexible response to your changing needs. Our main areas of focus are around fundraising; wellbeing, culture and leadership. But you can tell us your priorities or we can help you identify what they are. And then we create a plan with you to most effectively support you. 

We have a knack of helping you see undiscovered strengths and opportunities and to achieve your goals in a way which feels more manageable and fulfilling. You don’t need to figure it all out alone! We are here to help you.

What we will help you with?


Creating inspiring leaders in the charity community. Learn to lead with a higher vision as your compass, putting values and authenticity at the heart of the leadership approach with both your team and in your industry.


See where your charity needs a boost and how to create even more successful teams


Find tools and solutions that will help you reach your goals faster and more easily. Look ahead to plan how to bridge the gap between your goals and where you are now.

Fran Borg-Wheeler
We help teams focus on what matters

Often, during the years that I was CEO of Youth Concern, I would think “if only I was able to run this issue past someone who understands the challenge and may be able to bring a different light to the problem…” or “perhaps I can find someone who can help me achieve this more easily than the way I am currently approaching it”. 

You see, as leaders, you just can’t be an expert at everything and sometimes in a small or medium organisation you may not be able to tap into the experience you need. This is where we can help you. In hindsight, especially during my formative years as CEO, it  often took me a very long time to find the solution to my problem or to find a way of executing a task more effectively. Because a lot of the time I was trying to figure it out by myself! 

My Consultancy Services Deliver Results!

I’ll draw upon over three decades of charity expertise and tailor the consultancy support package to meet your unique challenges and opportunities. 

I’ll work creatively and collaboratively with you, to find the best solutions for your organisation. 

I can work with any member of staff or a combination of team members, depending on what’s needed. Usually, it’s the CEO, Head of Operations, HR or Fundraising Managers who are our main point of contact. However, I often involve other team members as appropriate. I can also call upon associates with particular areas of expertise when needed.

This course is for you if you...
  • Feel overwhelmed with the 101 urgent objectives facing you
  • Have a team of staff to manage
  • Feel alone with the weight of massive responsibility to live up to
  • Often take a long time to find the most effective solution to a problem
  • Desire to lead with a higher vision in mind
  • Feel as though there are areas of your practice which you’d like to explore and develop with an experienced charity leader
  • Want to Improve team morale & cohesion leading to better retention, attendance, performance, reputation
  • Want to focus on the team’s improved wellbeing
  • Need to increase and diversify funding streams
Let us help you!

You will be working on challenges


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