Intentional Leadership

Become a more Impactful Leader!

Intentional Leadership

video course

Overwhelm starting to creep up on you?

Feel like you’re fire-fighting and chasing your tail?

Imagine what difference it would make if you were thriving in your leadership role.

You’d be clearer about your priorities.

You’d have more time due to increased productivity.

And you’d be making more impact thanks to your improved influencing skills.

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After completing this course you will:

Intentional Leadership


Three videos of between 15-20 minutes. Three guided reflection exercises (details of which you’ll find at the end of each video).

  • Session 1: Values and Vision
  • Session 2: The A-E of Thriving in Leadership
  • Session 3: Influence and Impact

A workbook to accompany the videos with sections for your notes, takeaways and the reflection exercises.

You can re-visit the videos anytime, in the comfort of your home or with a group of colleagues at work.