Team Building Workshops

Happy, healthy, Fulfilled staff mean better results!

Team Building Days and Development Workshops

Heart-Centred Leaders offers organisations an opportunity to boost their Skills, Wellbeing, Motivation, Morale and Productivity. In short, to INCREASE YOUR IMPACT WHILST THRIVING!

Interactive Team Development workshops and Staff Away -Days, in-person or online, provide your organisation with time away from the ever-growing “to-do” list, to re-connect; have fun; clarify your goals, reflect on your strengths; refresh and development your skills. 

Workshops are tailored to meet your team’s needs. 

Popular topics include:

  • Ice-breakers for Fun and Connection
  • Promoting Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Resilience in times of Change
  • Healthy Communication
  • Individual and Team Strengths
  • Smarter Working and Resourcefulness
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Cultivating a Co-operative Culture
  • Unconscious Bias
  • The Art of Effective Delegation
  • Building Confidence and Tackling Imposter Syndrome
  • Vision, Mission & Values
  • Moving from Surviving to Thriving 
  • Consultation & Co-Creation

Plus, I can focus on other priority areas YOU have identified.

What we can Guarantee?

My guarantee is that the workshops will NEVER BE BORING;  I’ll create a safe space where you can connect, reflect and strategies. You’ll leave with PRACTICAL STEPS and TOOLS to make CHANGE IMMEDIATELY.

My aim is that the delegates leave feeling ENERGISED, MOTIVATED and BETTER EQUIPPED to deal with the challenges ahead whilst taking better care of themselves and each other!

How Will you Benefit ?

After a workshop or team-building day, participants will feel invigorated and re-motivated. They will be better prepared for the challenges ahead. The sessions also provide an opportunity for staff to re-connect on a deeper level, enhancing mutual respect, understanding and healthier communication.

Sometimes a series of workshops or team days will be booked, based upon one particular topic or various areas.


What My Clients Say

“The pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the team’s individual personal wellbeing but also to our sense of “team” and the way we communicate with each other. The impact of Fran’s workshops has been significant. They allowed the team to come together, explore their feelings and better understand how they could support their wellbeing and motivation. Guided by Fran and her exercises, the team really appreciated the opportunity to talk openly and take the time to work out how they could make small practical changes. Our team engagement and spirit are now much higher and even those who would normally be reluctant to participate are now more involved. It has led to better ideas development, joint problem solving and more laughter in our regular check-ins.”

Joanne Francis - Former CEO, Business Development Manager

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