Intentional Leadership Video Course

WELCOME to Heart-Centred Leaders

This is "Intentional Leadership" video course

I have created this mini-course to support you and your colleagues on the next step of your leadership journey- wherever you’re an emerging leader or with plenty of experience in leadership roles.

This is what is included:

Three short videos of between 15-20 minutes.
Three guided reflection exercises (details of which you’ll find at the end of each video).
A workbook to accompany the videos with sections for your notes, takeaways and the reflection exercises.

You can re-visit the videos anytime, in the comfort of your home or with a group of colleagues at work.

Here's to you becoming the intentional leader you aspire to be!

Thank you for signing up!

Course content

You can download the workbook by right-clicking on the PDF icon and saving it on your device. You can also open in new tab and print out – click to open in tab here

Session 1

Values and Vision

Session 2

The A-E of Thriving in Leadership

Session 3

Influence and Impact