Courageous Leadership Course

Become a more Impactful Leader!

12 weeks to Boost Your Impact via Courageous Leadership

If you’re a purpose-driven, aspiring or current Manager or Leader, looking to boost your impact NOW…

  • You’ll know that this is impossible if you’re feeling  overwhelmed and unsupported.
  • It can’t happen if you’re feeling disconnected from colleagues or putting unrealistic expectations on yourself.
  • Instead, imagine how it would feel if you were achieving ambitious goals without driving yourself into the ground.
  • Just think how much more fulfilled you’d feel if you could reflect and develop your leadership skills within a supportive environment!
  • How much more impactful would you be if you were courageously communicating for maximum influence?

If this resonates with you, then secure your place for my 12 -week course, Boost Your Impact via Courageous Leadership. 

It starts on Friday 16th September 9.30-11am. 

To reserve your place, pay the deposit today.

Leadership Course

Here are the key themes we’ll be focussing on:

"The course has been invaluable because each week you look at a different aspect of leadership, how you might apply it ad you share that with your fellow course attendees"

Lisa Ray, General Secretary at Civil Service Pensioners Alliance

The 12 week Courageous Leadership & Thriving in Change course is designed to:


you to become more aware of what’s stopping you from taking the next steps in your leadership journey and to learn simple strategies to overcome those blocks.


you to learn how to put into place the foundations of thriving so that you can bring your best self to your work in terms of creativity, resourcefulness and performance.


your reflective practice skills, in order to identify what’s working really well and areas of strength you can build on via setting ambitious yet achievable goals.


you to step up and speak up by developing your courageous leadership muscles. This will enable you to deliver the impact you are truly capable and to inspire others to do the same!

How will I benefit ?

By the end of the 12 weeks, you will benefit from:

  • Improved leadership skills to apply to your role
  • Reduced overwhelm and enhanced resilience
  • Increased confidence and clarity
  • Ability to achieve more ambitious goals with less striving
  • Better results and more impact
  • Knowledge of how to thrive in challenging times
In this course you will get:
  • 12 x 90 Minute Live Zoom Sessions
  • Weekly Q&A Session
  • Weekly Hot Seat Coaching
  • Accompanying workbook for each session
  • Support from your group of heart-centred leaders
  • Accountability from facilitator
  • Certificate of Achievement
Schedule of Dates & Session Topics

Week 1:  16th Sept -Values and Vision
Week 2:  23rd Sept– Foundations of Thriving
Week 3:  30th Sept– The Blocks to Courageous Leadership
Week 4:  7th Oct The Foundations of Courageous Leadership
Week 5:  14th Oct-Setting Ambitious Goals and Mastering them
Week 6:  28th Oct-Be seen & Heard: Courageous Communication
Week 7:  4th Nov-Influence and Impact
Week 8: 11th Nov-Reflective Practice Tools and Review
Week 9: 18th Nov-Working Smarter not Harder
Week 10: 25th Nov-Harnessing Kindness in Leadership
Week 11. 2nd Dec-Inspiring Others
Week 12. 9th Dec– Your Courageous Leadership Legacy

All sessions Fridays 9.30-11am


12 week Leadership Course

Starts Friday 16th September 2022 at 9.30 am


Pay in full and receive a free 1-to-1
Coaching Session.